What a beautiful spot! Delicious food and blessed by a rainbow! Thanks, Marg & Rick
Thank you for your wonderful hospitality. We enjoyed our stay very much and wish our fishing went as well as our stay with you.              
 Brian & Michael
We are overjoyed that you have been blessed with this wonderful place of peace, tranquility and joy. You have worked hard to present a beautiful retreat to share with others. It is especially wonderful for those who are physically disabled. My new knees love your accessibility. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Many thanks and much love,                                     
What a great life! I envy you… I believe that God is always with you.
Wonderful hospitality! Very nice setting. Best wishes.
Thanks for good meals. Winter Wonderland is beautiful.
"While visiting thePeople in Motion show in early July, my daughter and I made the acquaintance of a couple that is just starting up a Bed & Breakfast in Bridgenorth, north of Peterborough in the Kawarthas.
The owners are a wonderful, upbeat Christian couple. The husband has been a paraplegic for decades, and they thought this sort of place would fill a need for many who deal with disabilities.I have no doubt this might be just the thing for many of us, including elderly couples."                        
We would like to say thank you for all that you have done for us while we were here. Of all the places we have visited, this is the most "accessible". The spacious room for my wheelchair was great. I really had fun singing with you. I would definitely recommend this place to other people with physical disabilities. Thanks once again. God bless!                                
…. a place of peace & tranquility. I feel at home here. Truly a blessing for the spirit.                                                                                        
This has been a very helpful rest and time out. I was able to finish a scrapbook in 3 days, read and meditate so I got some solutions to personal problems. Being able to sleep in, eat my own food at leisure or go for a long walk made my stay both enjoyable and profitable, physically and spiritually. Thanks so much, Marg & Rick!                                  
Bev (retired teacher)
Thanks so much for your warm hospitality. We loved our chats and your inspiring music. We felt so relaxed in your home and we look forward to seeing where the Lord takes you in the future with your new endeavours. You have our prayers and thanks again for everything. We'll see you again.
Much love,                                                                                 
Bev A