Spring Is Just Around The Corner!

In spite of all the snow, and now rain that we’ve had this winter, it’s been a good time for us to tuck away and get a lot of projects taken care of. But I’m a little restless to see the end of winter, and once more see the daffodils and tulips proclaim a brighter fresher season.

There have been a few days when the fish have come out of their hibernation to sun just under the surface of the water, and we realize we haven’t done them in during the winter. With the extra hydro to keep the scrawny frames of a few goldfish alive, I hope they are grateful and put on a colourful show for us come Spring.

Country Blessings, Bridgenorth

Spring in the Kawarthas

Have you planned for what you might like to do this Spring and Summer? The Kawarthas is a relaxed, homey countryside with all sorts of Artisans and Events that both allow you to relax and drink in the country spirit, while entertaining you.

We have been pleasantly surprised to discover so many amusements, nature hikes, water fun and a whole lot more right within our area. But there’s also shopping and regular city fare such as restaurants, theatre and museums.

A couple of very unique happenings is the Havelock Jamboree and 5th Line Outdoor Theatre, bot of which can become more exciting with a splash of refreshing rain.

The Liftlock Cruise is also very worthwhile (unless you have trouble with heights). I won a Dinner Cruise for 2 last Summer at the outdoor Music Festival at Little Lake. I’m savoring the experience for this summer when the weather promises to be good.

Anyway, just a reminder that we are here at Country Blessings to benefit your stay with a comfortable bed, a great breakfast and country hospitality. Hope we’ll see you!

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