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My husband, Rick, passed away last October after being a paraplegic since 1964, as a result of a hunting accident. He left the legacy of a superb attitude and a full stock of costly medical equipment which I offer for your benefit now.

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Mostly, this is a 70% off sale.

In a few instances it will be more; more often it will be less.

In fact, there is likely an opportunity to pick up a

“for free”

item along with your purchase.


Wheelchair Handivan

2003 Dodge Caravan Handivan  159,000 miles Lowered floor, battery-operated ramp, hand controls, lock-down straps, movable front seat for wheelchair driver or passenger preference.

This van has been kept up. $7,000 has been spent in the last year to keep it in good running order. We drove it for many years relatively trouble-free and now offer it knowing someone out there needs it more than we do.

This van in 2003 listed for $75,000 equipped. Sale price is $10,500 Certified. New reduced price: $8,500

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Dodge Grand Caravan Handivan

Dependable service

I no longer need it.

Driven with Hand Controls for many years.

Used for passenger; Electric lift.

There are an extra set of tires – snows on rims available.

Portable Ramps

I have 2 four-foot ramps in excellent condition with carrying handles. These have been excellent aids in getting a wheelchair up slopes, steps and other awkward inclines. (Negotiable with van, or alone) $75.00 each.

Portable ramps

Hospital Bed

Adjustable Hospital Bed with hand Control –

Head up, Feet up, Bed height adjustable. $150.00        SOLD!



Over-bed Tripod for patient assist in getting into bed and adjusting position in bed. (fits on                                                              headboard of bed.) Price: $75 or negotiable with bed.

New Price: $50


Micro Air Low Loss Mattress – the only mattress we found that did the job! Alternating pressure with climate control. Used only 2 months. A $7,000 value selling for $4,000

New price $3,000


New price  $3,000

Invacare Micro Air Motor   The machine that accompanies the Micro Air mattress. It has settings for different weights, positions, including sitting (Fowler). The air wicks away sweat and provides comfort.


I have a second older mattress that still works, maintaining sleeping pressures, but it cannot sustain as much weight for the sitting position. New value: $7,000  Selling for $1,000 (identical to newer one above.) New price: $500


ROHO insert mattress for comfortable pressure relief at hips and feet, where pressure affects the most.
Sale price: $600     Now $200


Pressure Relief Air Mattress  This is good pressure relief for a light person. The pump is super-quiet.
Sale price: $100  Now $50


Patient Transport  & Ceiling Lifts (eg. from chair to bed)

Voyager Ceiling Lift for Patient Transport
This lift includes lift, ceiling rail, charger and battery as well as controller.
Cost new: $3,500
Sale price: $1,700       Now $400


Waverley Glen Portable Ceiling Lift
Includes lift, battery, plug-in, controller
Price: $600     Now $300


Specialized Slide Board
Cost $500 Sell for $200   Now $150


Slings for lifting patients
Complementary sling with purchase of a ceiling lift.
Regular cost: $125
Sale cost: $65     Now $30

 Weigh Scale – $50.00


Hoyer Lifts – 1 portable, 1 battery-operated – $300

Wheelchair Cushions

Geo-Matrix Gold + Pressure Relief Cushion This cushion has several layers of pressure relief.
Cost: $500 – never used
Sale price: $250


ROHO Pressure Relief Cushions
New Price: over $125
Sale price: $60    Now $40

RoHo Cushions – various sizes; a look from inside.



Wheelchair Accessories

Battery Charger  Sale: $200

Wheelchair Hand Controllers
Cost: $1,000
Sale price: $100



Handy Grabbers
Sale Cost: $35        Special $15


These bed boots save the heels. Value is: $125 Our price: FREE to a good home with purchase.



First Aid Supplies

Bed Sheets & Protectors