Retreats for Single People & Marriage Counseling Retreats

At Country Blessings, we’ve decided to add two kinds of week-end Retreats

  • Retreats for Single People, where they can get to know themselves and their friends better
  • Marriage Counseling Retreat where they develop more compatible relationships.

For years I’ve met with individuals, couples and work groups to enable them to better understand themselves, their relationships and their work teams through an understanding of personality.

Now, on a week-end retreat, away from other distractions, you can gain rich and rewarding insights that will strengthen your life, bring clarity and renewed purpose.

Couples on the Marriage Counseling Retreat will receive a Marriage Compatibility test, and a copy of my book “Keys to Relationship Compatibility” as part of their package.

On the Retreat for Single People, they will receive my book  “Personalities Revealed” as well as a Personal Inventory.

See the Retreats page for more information.

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