LiftLock Supper Cruise – South River

Our Anniversary was yesterday, and we spent it on the LiftLock Dinner Cruise, enjoying music, supper and friends while we took a leisurely cruise down the river. Unfortunately for me, the weather, which had promised to be sunny and warm, turned out overcast, but still warm. I had hoped to get some better pics, but lost a lot of interest in that department because of the weather.

We did have a delightful 3-hour cruise, compliments of Music Fest (I won the dinner cruise for 2). Music Fest is free, Wednesdays and Saturdays, and has a lot of good talent in the line-up.

Last year we went on the Lift Lock cruise that takes you up a Lock, and gives you the history of the Trent-Severn Waterway…. quite an operation. I can feel sorry for the men that engineered it!

We’re amazed at how many nice events go on around here.

Why don’t you come sometime? We can accommodate you at Country Blessings!

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