Happiness is all about Life Balance

As I look out my window, I see a beautiful sun-shiny day where only a few minutes ago a rain shower covered our heads as I attempted to walk Shayla, my dog. When there’s sunshine, I’m happy, breathing in the delights of nature – sunshine dancing over the water, a new flower in my garden, a most beautiful deep-pink rose gracing my dinner table, and the smell of supper as I type this blog post.

But it doesn’t take much these days to remind me of winter, and with it, the sense of gloom as we once more plunge into a long, cold season that seems to last longer each year.

Our summer has been full of activity surrounding our bed and breakfast. We’ve met a lot of really wonderful people, and have enjoyed our times with them, sharing our home and getting to know new friends. But summer is fast coming to a close, and with the start of school, our visitors are dwindling and we are feeling the “empty rooms”. It’s not that we dislike one another’s company, we just enjoy a balance of activity and rest.

Isn’t life like that! Sometimes it seems to swing from one extreme to the other, tossing us hither and fro on the whim of its moods.

The upside to less visitors is that I’ll accomplish a lot of work that was getting neglected in the summer flurry of activity.

I’d really like a balance between people and breathing points for accomplishing other work. Life would continue to be exciting, but not overly so. I think I could be happy with that.

After all, balance in nature brings the best results. Why wouldn’t it also be true for us?

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