The Value of Discovering Authentic Identity

Most people today have a relatively good grasp of their identity as it relates to their outside world, but I find confusion sets in when you begin to probe their inner identity. And people seem fearful to go there.

I guess that’s a logical expectation since, when you get into those trust-based conversations, many people admit to seeing themselves as unworthy and reject-able.

How far from the truth! When you begin to probe personality, the inner gold, you NEVER find an unworthy person. You may find unworthy behaviour in their life, often coming from feelings of unworthiness, which can be changed, but never an unworthy personality. Hear it again! There’s no such thing as a worthless personality.

Our inner authentic personality is the foundation of our lives, empowering us, directing us, motivating us and providing the passion and values that catapult us to success.

Most people would have called me successful at life, but until I discovered my inner person, my God-given personality, I was shuffling around in the dark, just hoping I was making the right moves. Discovering my personality through an instrument, and further mentoring, opened up a plethora of possibilities that I was sure about, and I also knew what to say “no” to as well. It gave me focus, direction, and a great sense of joy and satisfaction upon which to live from. It took a confused girl and gave her confidence, and joy as she saw results from living out here passions.

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