My Daffodil Story

This year they bloomed in abundance the day before Easter. The bright sun had given them the faith to open their blooms vulnerably and beautifully. I was thrilled as once again new life, beautiful life graced my gardens. Over the night a couple of days later, we had a rain storm… not the violent kind, but with just enough wind and rain to cause some damage to tender plants. As I hustled about to get to an early-morning meeting, I took a moment to view my daffodils. Read the rest of this entry »

Empowering YOU for Success

Have you ever sat down and worked through your values, your life purpose, your passion, and direction in life? I did, AGAIN! But each time I do it, I get a little closer to understanding just what makes me tick, and just what would really give me fulfillment and how I can contribute to society.

By Personality Type, I’m a “big picture ideas person”, but as such, I have a lot of trouble figuring out what I want to do most. I want to do it all! But then I get overwhelmed and unproductive. My internet coach is constantly chuckling at all the rabbit trails I attempt to follow, and gently calls me back to focus. Maybe that’s why you see Country Blessings online.

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Happiness is all about Life Balance

As I look out my window, I see a beautiful sun-shiny day where only a few minutes ago a rain shower covered our heads as I attempted to walk Shayla, my dog. When there’s sunshine, I’m happy, breathing in the delights of nature – sunshine dancing over the water, a new flower in my garden, a most beautiful deep-pink rose gracing my dinner table, and the smell of supper as I type this blog post. Read the rest of this entry »

Developing Our Relationship Quotient

Don’t we all desire good relationships, those kinds that leave you feeling connected and satisfied, and perhaps even stimulated toward your better self?

Although only a few people ever really meet those criteria on an on-going level, we can have a lot of good contacts along the way that enrich our lives.

Two major factors seem to predict the success of our relationships:

  1. Personality Type understanding
  2. Behaviour – the skills of relating

On the Relationship part of this blog, we’ll address different aspects of these two components, and help you see the implications they bring. MB

Welcome to Country Blessing’s New Blog

I’m Marg and I’m glad to meet you here.

Even though we run a Bed and Breakfast, you’ll see that our name ends in the word “Retreat”. That’s because it’s our desire to be a place where people’s needs are met anywhere from:

  • a comfortable bed and a good breakfast
  • a special chat around the breakfast table
  • a quiet place where the stresses of life retreat
  • a pause where you can do crafts, read, meditate, watch our old movies, scrapbook or write.
  • a place to discover your unique identity (personality assessment)
  • a place to learn relationship skills
  • a place to sort out relationship issues
  • perhaps a health spa in the future

One man recently entered our doors and exclaimed, “This isn’t a Bed and Breakfast! It’s so much more than that! Do we get all this space?”

We hope everyone feels valued and cared for, and leaves with a blessing, even if it’s just a rested feeling and a full stomach.

Blessings to you!

Marg & Rick