Welcome to Country Blessing’s New Blog

I’m Marg and I’m glad to meet you here.

Even though we run a Bed and Breakfast, you’ll see that our name ends in the word “Retreat”. That’s because it’s our desire to be a place where people’s needs are met anywhere from:

  • a comfortable bed and a good breakfast
  • a special chat around the breakfast table
  • a quiet place where the stresses of life retreat
  • a pause where you can do crafts, read, meditate, watch our old movies, scrapbook or write.
  • a place to discover your unique identity (personality assessment)
  • a place to learn relationship skills
  • a place to sort out relationship issues
  • perhaps a health spa in the future

One man recently entered our doors and exclaimed, “This isn’t a Bed and Breakfast! It’s so much more than that! Do we get all this space?”

We hope everyone feels valued and cared for, and leaves with a blessing, even if it’s just a rested feeling and a full stomach.

Blessings to you!

Marg & Rick

Lakefield Country Fair

Lakefield Country Fair, 2012


Country Fairs –  just a little of the mystique of rural Ontario.

Just who are the Rexdale Hayseeds?

The Rexdale Hayseeds

October 2,2011

Some of you may have been wondering what we’ve been up to when we’re not taking bookings, making beds and cleaning floors….. we’ll let you in on a secret….

Once upon a time, a group of people went out of their way to put on a performance for a New Year’s Eve Party featuring the theme, “Back at the Farm”.

They had a lot of fun, and the people enjoyed their light-hearted humour, and so they were asked to sing on a number of occasions over the years.

This year was the 50th. Anniversary of the church they originally sang in, and at this prestigious affair they were once more requested to make an appearance in memory of days all-but-forgotten.

Now most of the musicians are highly trained professionals, and the calibre of music much more sophisticated and honouring to God, but people still welcomed the Hayseeds with open arms, because they reflect a little of the ordinary and humorous in all of us.

When we are around ordinary people, we sometimes find it easy to relax because it allows us to be great by being ordinary along with them. Music to raise the spirit, and music to keep us grounded and real – now that’s what I call balanced – glorifying to God, yet perhaps giving Him a chuckle on the side, exclaiming, “That’s my kids!”

So wonderful to be able to bring God into every part of life, and enjoy Him in worship, praise and fun!

We had fun!

Marg Buller

4th Line Theatre

This is a unique outdoor, live theatre experience that highlights creative plays written about local history.

4th. Line Theatre

We really enjoyed the play this year. Last year we got rained out, not because we weren’t provided with huge umbrellas, but because the rain was so insistent, there was fear of accidents for the actors.

This theatre takes advantage of outdoor settings and very creatively uses simple props to aid actors….. really well done.

LiftLock Supper Cruise – South River

Our Anniversary was yesterday, and we spent it on the LiftLock Dinner Cruise, enjoying music, supper and friends while we took a leisurely cruise down the river. Unfortunately for me, the weather, which had promised to be sunny and warm, turned out overcast, but still warm. I had hoped to get some better pics, but lost a lot of interest in that department because of the weather.

We did have a delightful 3-hour cruise, compliments of Music Fest (I won the dinner cruise for 2). Music Fest is free, Wednesdays and Saturdays, and has a lot of good talent in the line-up.

Last year we went on the Lift Lock cruise that takes you up a Lock, and gives you the history of the Trent-Severn Waterway…. quite an operation. I can feel sorry for the men that engineered it!

We’re amazed at how many nice events go on around here.

Why don’t you come sometime? We can accommodate you at Country Blessings!

Are you looking for a quiet get-a-way?

Ennismore bed and breakfast

Summer Lilies at Country Blessings

country bed and breakfast

Gentle Sounds of a Waterfall

Shining waters over Lake Chemong

Where the sun shines bright

Summertime, and the living is easy…

Enjoy a stay at Country Blessings

  • where you can experience nature at it’s best….
  • where you can discover FREE and low-fee events – a summer concert, a beach, a walking zoo, scenic trails, friendly Farmer’s Markets, an Antique Barn, seasonal events, cruises, antique car shows… and a whole lot more.
  • where you can enjoy our delicious homemade muffins and organic coffee along with the rest of your breakfast, served in our sunny Dining Room.
  • where you can enjoy the comfort of your own private suite in the quiet of the countryside.
  • where “simply country” allows you to relax in a homey atmosphere that is unpretentious and comfortable, at a price you can afford.

Book your vacation at Country Blessings. Enjoy a week where you can unwind and find renewal while enjoying the variety of life in the Kawarthas.

Don’t be disappointed. Book now.

Weekly rate for 2 is just $495.  (Ask us about accommodation for up to 4.)

It includes a full furnished suite complete with housekeeping kitchen, and breakfast on the week-end.

See the rest of our site for more information.

We look forward to your visit.

Welcome to Summer, 2011

In spite of the gigantic storm we just experienced, we, at Country Blessings, are thankful to have suffered no damage to our property. As the wind and rain descended upon us, I was wondering if I might not take shelter in a B&B suite, since they are more cozily tucked away from those influences, while still being able to observe from that vantage-point.

We’ve had wonderful growth, and today our pond is sporting 11 water lilies. Unfortunately, the surrounding garden is wanting to grow up in weeds, so I took some time today to “subdue the earth”, so- to- speak.

We’ve been ramping up for the summer season, so we hope to see you here soon!

country bed and breakfast pond

Water Lilies are a specialty in the Fish Pond

Spring Is Just Around The Corner!

In spite of all the snow, and now rain that we’ve had this winter, it’s been a good time for us to tuck away and get a lot of projects taken care of. But I’m a little restless to see the end of winter, and once more see the daffodils and tulips proclaim a brighter fresher season.

There have been a few days when the fish have come out of their hibernation to sun just under the surface of the water, and we realize we haven’t done them in during the winter. With the extra hydro to keep the scrawny frames of a few goldfish alive, I hope they are grateful and put on a colourful show for us come Spring.

Country Blessings, Bridgenorth

Spring in the Kawarthas

Have you planned for what you might like to do this Spring and Summer? The Kawarthas is a relaxed, homey countryside with all sorts of Artisans and Events that both allow you to relax and drink in the country spirit, while entertaining you.

We have been pleasantly surprised to discover so many amusements, nature hikes, water fun and a whole lot more right within our area. But there’s also shopping and regular city fare such as restaurants, theatre and museums.

A couple of very unique happenings is the Havelock Jamboree and 5th Line Outdoor Theatre, bot of which can become more exciting with a splash of refreshing rain.

The Liftlock Cruise is also very worthwhile (unless you have trouble with heights). I won a Dinner Cruise for 2 last Summer at the outdoor Music Festival at Little Lake. I’m savoring the experience for this summer when the weather promises to be good.

Anyway, just a reminder that we are here at Country Blessings to benefit your stay with a comfortable bed, a great breakfast and country hospitality. Hope we’ll see you!

Retreats for Single People & Marriage Counseling Retreats

At Country Blessings, we’ve decided to add two kinds of week-end Retreats

  • Retreats for Single People, where they can get to know themselves and their friends better
  • Marriage Counseling Retreat where they develop more compatible relationships.

For years I’ve met with individuals, couples and work groups to enable them to better understand themselves, their relationships and their work teams through an understanding of personality.

Now, on a week-end retreat, away from other distractions, you can gain rich and rewarding insights that will strengthen your life, bring clarity and renewed purpose.

Couples on the Marriage Counseling Retreat will receive a Marriage Compatibility test, and a copy of my book “Keys to Relationship Compatibility” as part of their package.

On the Retreat for Single People, they will receive my book  “Personalities Revealed” as well as a Personal Inventory.

See the Retreats page for more information.

Sign up now for a special week-end.

Is Summer Gone So Soon?

Thanksgiving hasn’t even come, but I see definite signs of Fall and coming cold weather. Yes, the trees are beginning to show beautiful autumn colours, but sadness creeps into my soul as I see the flowers wither and die, and it’s no longer comfortable sitting outdoors. (Who’s kidding who? It wasn’t comfortable outdoors most of this summer, but for a different reason.)

We ate out on the balcony at noon. The temperature was great, but the wind was so gusty we decided we’d better take off the roof of the canopy before it ripped to shreds.

And so the process of “putting away summer’ has begun – with reluctance. There are still tomatoes that need to ripen, and a large-bloomed flower, trying it’s best to give us a last hurrah, is battling to keep upright in the wind.

We have enjoyed such a wonderful group of people here at Country Blessings this summer. They have been like flowers in a garden, each with a beauty of its own, and each has enriched our place with their presence.

I want to give a special “thank-you” to all of you who have come. May you be blessed, and we would love to see you again.

Fall and Winter bring new beauty and new activities. We have been surprised at how much goes on around here in the winter. We’d love to invite you to come back during those seasons as well. Roads are kept well here, and we allow cancellations for inclement weather without penalizing you.

So I guess it’s time to shake off my nostalgia, get those towels folded, and have things ready for our next guests. We’ll be waiting for you!

The Value of Discovering Authentic Identity

Most people today have a relatively good grasp of their identity as it relates to their outside world, but I find confusion sets in when you begin to probe their inner identity. And people seem fearful to go there.

I guess that’s a logical expectation since, when you get into those trust-based conversations, many people admit to seeing themselves as unworthy and reject-able.

How far from the truth! When you begin to probe personality, the inner gold, you NEVER find an unworthy person. You may find unworthy behaviour in their life, often coming from feelings of unworthiness, which can be changed, but never an unworthy personality. Hear it again! There’s no such thing as a worthless personality.

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